Daniil Umanski - Interaction Designer


An interactive installation for children, where paper-made sketches arrive in a shared imaginary drawn world with physical properties. Participants witness their drawings come to life, as each shape receives real-world physical properties, propelling in motion and colliding with drawn shapes of other participants in an imaginary drawn world.

Concept, Interaction Design, Code


A series of tangible music instruments, designed to promote playful joint interaction for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The interactive objects are designed to encourage joint action, joint attention and promote social skills among children with ASD. Coordinated movement results in increasingly rich sonic textures and promotes the state of mutual attention, connectedness and involvement.

User research, Interaction Design


An elaborated biofeedback training software for tongue strength training. Provides an appealing practice platform for clinicians and patients, with structured exercises and clinically-defined goals.

Interaction Design, Code, User Experience, Visualization


Humanophone is a musical instrument whose generative elements are voice samples from children with severe speech disabilities. The instrument is built by recording short audio-visual samples of children and mapping them onto musical notes, creating the generative units used for real-time playing. The result is an interactive instrument where musical sequences played by visitors are realized through the children’s audio-visual choir.

Concept, Interaction Design, Programming


Sonora is a computer game designed to stimulate children to experiment with their voice. The game empowers voice-body connections and encourages vocal exploration. Sonora offers an engaging method for stimulating vocal production and for expanding the dynamic vocal range. Sonora grants children with special needs a sense of control in gameplay, while improving their sense of self-reliance and self-esteem.

Concept, Interaction Design, Programming


A multi-modal training system for patients with swallowing disorders. Provides the therapist with a simple tool to measure and quantify the performance of dysphagia rehabilitation tasks.
Enables the patient to improve their performance using a gamified biofeedback system.

Interaction Design, Visualization


An intuitive interface for manipulating prosodic features of synthetic speech generation. The user applies various interactive graphical tools to sketch speech intonation curves, affecting amplitude, pitch and duration of speech segments.   

Interaction Design, Code, User Experience, Visualization


An interface which allows users to explore the Gestalt principle in visual perception through a dynamic animated typeface. Input text is broken into typeface fragments and animated to create a perceptual threshold of text readability, keeping the reader on the edge of visual perception.

Code, Interaction Design


An application for German speech therapists for generating custom treatment materials for specific needs of patients. The interface allows clinicians to compile word lists by manipulating various linguistic parameters, such as syllabic structure, stress patterns, articulatory complexity, permitted or excluded phonemes. The linguistic materials are obtained through computational analysis of the German lexicon, while the interface designed according to parameters considered most relevant for speech therapy.

Code, User Experience

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